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Mission Statement

Juniper on the Water is more than a restaurant, it is a Hallandale Beach staple dedicated to quality food and over the top service. We are a group of individuals committed to creating unforgettable memories for our guests. At Juniper, our guests do not come for just a meal but for an experience. We serve Dinner and Brunch in Hallandale Beach and our team strives to elevate the standards and expectations of the restaurant industry. We will work tirelessly, fearlessly, and passionately to make your trip to Juniper unforgettable.


Strive to achieve greatness, at the same time staying humble and true to ourselves.

Use our best judgment; perform our work selflessly, honestly and caringly.

Grow and flourish respect within our brand for our guest teammates, our supervisors and our

Embrace the responsibility we have to our team, our critics the hospitality industry and ourselves it is
up to us to uphold and retain the success we have achieved.

Maintain our standards and passion for our trade at all times.

Always maintain an open door looking for innovation and gather inspiration from the world around us.
Not only strive for continued growth, not only adapting to our industry but evolving it as pioneers in
our field.

Build a culture of trust and development within our team and our guest, letting know that we will
strive daily to bring them the best possible option for both service and growth.

Make a positive difference in the experience of our guests and those around us.

Our success will be measured in our guest satisfaction and building loyalty within our brand, also
the evolution of our team's success.

Establish a reputation of offerings of fond memories for all who walk through our doors.

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