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Juniper Martini $14
Gin, cucumber puree, elderflower liqueur,  fresh lime 

Sunset  Margarita $12 

Tequila, fresh lime, blood orange, aji Amarillo syrup

Hemisphere Mai Tai $14

Light and Dark rum, amaretto, fresh lime, Angostura bitters

Minty Mule $12 

Vodka, ginger syrup, fresh lime, mint leaves

Strawberry Blossom Martini $15
Titos, lychee, Elderflower liqueur, fresh lime, strawberry puree

Pama Paloma $12

Vodka, PAMA liquor, Agave fresh lime, top with grapefruit juice

Hemisphere Mai Tai $14

Dark rum, Rum, amaretto, fresh lime, Angostura bitters

Smoked Old Fashion $14

Smoked walnut infused Evan Williams Bourbon, cherry liqueur, 

Fig jam syrup, chocolate bitters

Espresso Martini $14
(After Dinner Drink)
Vodka, Kahlua,  Bailey’s, espresso 


Mojito less $8

Mint, lime, simple splash of soda water

Fruit Lemonade Refreshers $8

Choose strawberry, mango or passion fruit mixed with lemonade and soda water


Arnold Palmer $8
Iced tea & lemonade

Fruity Iced Tea $8

Iced tea & Choice of strawberry, mango or passion fruit

Draft BEER

Shock Top 

Islamorada Sandbar Sunday 
Blue Point Toasted Lager 
Hollywood Mango Blonde Ale 
Hollywood Road head IPA


Bottled BEER


Michelob Ultra 
Bud light

(Please drink responsibly and in moderation)

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