Come Experience Dinner in Hallandale Beach


Field Greens Salad   14

Mandarin segments, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, goat cheese, cranberry, white balsamic vinaigrette


Greek Salad   14 GF

Romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, feta cheese, pepperoncini, lemon vinaigrette


Caesar Salad   12

Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing

Add to any salad:      Shrimp 16     Chicken 10         Salmon 19


Lobster Bisque 16

Crème fraiche


Mediterranean Dips 18

Hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki, grilled flatbread


*Ceviche Mixto 18   GF-DF

Shrimp, cod fish, octopus, leche de tigre, shaved red onions, micro cilantro, aji amarillo dressing


Grilled Shrimp Tacos 22

Gulf shrimp, aji amarillo aioli, coleslaw, pico de gallo, queso cotija


Fish Tacos 17

Atlantic cod fish, aji amarillo aioli, pico de gallo, coleslaw, queso cotija


Vegan Tacos 18

Brussel sprouts, fennel, corn, coleslaw, aji amarillo dressing, fried chickpea, pico de gallo


Crispy Calamari 16

Cornmeal crusted calamari, pico de gallo, aji amarillo aioli


Sautéed Clams 19

Roasted garlic, butter, chardonnay-cream broth


Sautéed Mussels 18 GF

Roasted garlic, butter, chardonnay-cream broth


Tandoori Shrimp 18

5 grilled shrimps, tzatziki, drizzled with truffle oil


*Oysters of the day   ½ Dozen or Dozen    MP

Cocktail sauce, horseradish, mignonette sauce



1 whole lobster, 6 oysters, 6 shrimp, seafood ceviche, cocktail sauce, horseradish, mignonette.


*If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw oysters,and should eat oysters fully cooked. if unsure of your risk, consult a physician





Pan-Roasted Salmon 28 GF

Cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel, Yukon gold potato puree, citrus beurre blanc


Chorizo & Clams Linguini 25

Garlic, white wine, cream


Shrimp Scampi 32

Shrimp, Italian parsley, garlic, white wine cream sauce


Cioppino 38   GF

Gulf shrimp, mussels, clams, Atlantic cod, walnut pesto


Seafood Paella 43

Israeli couscous, walnut pesto, mussels, calamari, clams, gulf shrimp, fish fillet, chorizo, English peas


New England Clam Bake MP GF

½ Maine lobster, clams, mussels, corn, andouille sausage, shrimp, roasted potatoes, garlic butter


Half or Whole Broiled Lobster MP   GF

Clarified butter, one side dish




Juniper Burger 18

8oz. angus blend, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, bacon, brioche bun, french fries


Braised Lamb Shank 30

Served with au jus, dried cranberries and creamy polenta


Grilled Lamb Chops 40

8oz. bone-in, over roasted potatoes, blueberry demi-glaze


8oz Filet Mignon 50

Choice of one side dish, side salad


10oz. Skirt Steak 40 GF-DF

One side dish, chimichurri sauce.


16oz Ribeye 48 GF-DF

One side dish, side salad




Bleu Cheese Fondue 6   Mushroom Ragout 5   Blueberry Demi-Glaze 5   Au Poivre 5

Chimichurri 6




  Mac & Cheese 10    Sautéed Spinach 7    Brussel Sprouts 9   Side Salad 7    French Fries 8


Sweet Potato Fries 8     Mashed Potatoes 8     Creamy Polenta 8       Asparagus 10      Roasted Potatoes 7


Pita bread   2     Naan bread   3



*Please advise your server of any allergies

*Consuming raw or undercooked fish, seafood, meat, or poultry may increase your chances of any foodborne illnesses*


All checks include an 18% gratuity | Checks can be split up to 3 ways